Durham Mastectomy bra, Durham Mastectomy swimwear, Toronto Mastectomy lingerie
Durham Mastectomy bra, Durham Mastectomy swimwear

Q: How long will my fitting take? 
When can I have my prosthesis?

A: We schedule one hour for first fittings.  Elizabeth’s stocks the top three manufacturers in post surgical bras, breast prostheses and post mastectomy swimwear.  After 30 years serving the mastectomy client we have built an excellent relationship with all our providers and have two day delivery on anything we do not have in stock.  From 32AA to 52 DDD, we have something for everyone.


Q: How do I pay for all this?

A: Every woman in Ontario with a valid health card qualifies for partial funding of their breast prosthesis through the Assistive Devices Program at the Ministry of Health.  Elizabeth’s will provide and complete all the necessary paperwork for you. Many women have extended health care coverage through an employer – we will also make the necessary calls, download the necessary paperwork and help you complete these forms as well. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Debit as methods of payment.


Q: My breasts were never the same size;
can you help me appear symmetrical again?

A: There are many partial breast prostheses designed to fill out shallow areas, or partial shells that can add the difference you need to appear even – come and see what’s available – you will be pleasantly surprised.


Q: Can my girlfriend, mother, sister who has not had breast surgery be fitted for a bra or swimsuit at Elizabeth’s?

A: Yes – we have more and more clients come to us so they can be properly fitted and as comfortable as possible – especially ladies who have a hard time finding a comfortable bra! All our swimwear has a supportive bra built into the suit – lovely for the full figured lady who wants a swimsuit with support.

Breast prostheses Durham Region, Oshawa Breast prostheses

Q: I just found out I require breast surgery,
how can you help me?

A: You are welcome to come / call Elizabeth’s for support and information at any time.  Many women feel reassured to know what resources are available to them after surgery; for this reason we encourage you to get as much information as you want – when you want it!  There is no charge to come to / call Elizabeth’s.


Q: How soon can I be fitted for my prosthesis?

Traditionally you will be ready 4-8 weeks after surgery.  You will want to be comfortable with the pressure of a well fitting bra.  That being said – we have many tools available to restore your appearance temporarily before this;  perhaps to attend an important social commitment that was made before your surgery and you still want to attend.


Q: Do I need an appointment?

A: Appointments allow us to schedule the flow of traffic on busy days, that way we can give every client the time and attention she deserves.  Walk ins are always welcome, but you may have to wait while we finish with one client before we can serve you.


Q: How discreet is Elizabeth’s?

A: We are tucked away in an office building with no store front – no one will know you require our services when you enter the building.  You could be visiting the dentist, lawyer, insurance co. etc whom we share the building with.  We have two private fitting rooms as well as a reception area.

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